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 Twitter and Real Estate | The best social network to build community

Twitter for real estate is being talked about a lot right now at Real Estate Webmasters, Active Rain, most every real estate community on the internet.  More and more real estate agents are starting to use twitter both for networking with each other and building friendships in their local communities.

I have been one of the people commenting on active rain blog posts for the past year thinking that twitter was a pretty cool application but just did not "get" it.  At about the same time I first tried twitter I also started a facebook account.  Facebook, while still a bit foreign, people playing little games, throwing things at each other, etc. made more sense and I found that over time I have made connections with people from my past.  Over this past year more and more of my classmates have joined and it is a nice way of getting back in touch.  What I found though that at least for me I have mainly friended people I knew in real life or people I knew virtually but would consider friends. Most facebook users keep their profiles protected and while my friends may also have friends that I might have a lot in common with I often don’t know enough about that person to make the next step to friend them and get to know them.

For the most part, twitter users do not password protect their feeds so it is much easier to find people who have common interests.  When an interesting conversation pops up you can click on the @username to see the original comment and if you like what you read can follow that person instantly.

How does this relate to real estate?  A friend of mine, Knox who is not a REALTOR sums up one of the best reasons real estate agents should be using twitter, Twitter makes Communities Tighter.  This could be a community of real estate agents or people from the same area.  If you learn how to use you can find people who are interested in just about anything you can think of and you can likely find people in your town and can immediately to build community.

Starting to see the benefits but still can’t figure out how to get past the empty box and the question, "What are you doing?" I recently wrote a handy post on Twitter for Real Estate – How to get started.

Even though I signed up well over a year ago, I’ve only been active on Twitter for a few weeks.  It is too early to tell how much community building I can make with people who live in my area, but I do know that the community and sharing of information with other agents that I have met has made this well worth the effort.

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Twitter is a ‘Micro-Blogging’ website. Imagine having your own blogspace and having to speak your mind in ONLY 140 CHARACTERS. Tell people what you’re doing, and follow people that interest you. Likewise, other people can follow you and find out what you’re doing. 

I’ve been using Twitter since January. According to, Twitter is now one of the top 400 sites on the web, with nearly 4 million visitors a month. In recent months, CNN & FOX News have been watching twitter streams for real time reaction to national news. In some cases, CNN has even received breaking news from Twitter. 

Should real estate agents be using Twitter? 1000’s currently are using it to communicate with each other, and prospective clients. Twitter-user PolyBriley, a Wisconsin real estate agent, offered two reasons when I asked my network:

“the learning and social aspects from other REALTORS®; I meet lots of local folks I might never have met otherwise.”

So you want to get started? Here’s how:

  • Register at the site with a branded username (your city name with the word “realestate” might be a good choice)
  • Take time to fill out your profile and create/upload a background

Things to remember when using Twitter:

  • It’s ok to link to your blog, company site, or photo page in your Twitter profile.
  • Speak your mind and be yourself. Continue conversations with other Twitter-users (aka tweeps).
  • DO NOT use twitter to only promote a free CMA or continuously send links to your site.

Be aware that Twitter can become addicting, but it is also an awesome tool for communicating with your target market. There are people EVERYWHERE using Twitter in a variety of age ranges. If you can become one of the most vocal Twitter users in your area, you can build up credibility and familiarity with your market very quickly.

Like blogging, “Twittering” is an awesome tool for communicating with potential clients. Use it the right way without sounding like a salesman in your conversations, and prospecting can become much easier. 

For more tips on how to use Twitter, feel free to follow me and drop me a message. I can be found on Twitter @mhv_bentz.

Jonathan Bentz is a link building expert and social media geek for ProspectMX, a Pennsylvania internet marketing company. Previously, Bentz worked in marketing at a luxury resort located in Western Pennsylvania and managed their website to a substantial increase in site visits and online bookings.  He has experience in e-mail marketing, organic search optimization, moderating message boards, and developing site content plans for a variety of web clients.


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